Who’s on Third? A look at the # 3 Classic Rock Band. You know who holds the # 1 and # 2 positions of best classic rock band. But who is # 3?… No, shut up, you don’t have a clue… Also, the Recording Industry has sum funny money and math. Dr. Clarke operates under Ian’s knock, Medicated Wheeler gets intimate with Bob Dylan in his Vinyl Review, & Kennedy goes crazy with Yes or No?

How Did 101 Classic Rock Bands Get Their Name (Part 2): Amidst great odds, we continue with part two of how 101 classic rock bands got their often disturbing names. Hey, this kind of knowledge will enrich your life…maybe… Plus, Steven Wheeler reviews new vinyl from Chicago…that toddlin’ town…

How Did 101 Classic Rock Bands Get Their Names? (Part 1) They said it couldn’t be done, that we were jabbering fools.101 bands? No way….Well, now who’s the fool?… In this exclusive two-part episode, we drill down until it hurts. Plus, Steven Wheeler reviews new vinyl from REM.

Classic Rock Songs Written Quickly – maybe too quickly. You be the judge. From ‘Yesterday’ to ‘Losing My Religion’, we confront the weird phenomenon of amazing classic rock songs “just showing up”.

U.S.A. vs. Canada: Who Has the Best Classic Rock Bands? Part 2. After Part 1, you either agree with Kennedy or not. That’s cool. The man had a mission and was on a roll – and he was fair to both countries – kind of.

U.S.A. vs. Canada: Who Has the Best Classic Rock Bands? Part 1 Ferris Kennedy, nursing a hangover of apocalyptic proportions, supplies semi-professional opinions, but you, dear listener, you must live with your conscience. The answers could change your life!

Digital Zombies: Is Animating Dead Rock Stars Wrong? In this dangerous episode, Dr. Clarke bravely enters the Gothic castle of digital reanimation, risking the bites of lusty vampirettes as he attempts to stake a dark and evil phenomenon.

Best Last Song On An Album Bands and producers tend to begin and end albums with their top-shelf stuff. Sometimes they blow it – and the final song becomes a ‘definite avoid’… Or – you hang in there until you hit the gold. The ‘FW’ team goes to work and provides you with a sonic roadmap. End result? You’ll know if it’s worth hanging around your speakers – or to git while the gitting’s good!

Aerosmith: 50 Years of America’s Greatest Rock Band Aerosmith: The Boys from Beantown who made hair bands mainstream. 50 years & counting & they have come a long way from being “Toys In The Attic”. They put the Rock in “Rocks”, they were able to make you “Pump”, and in turn you were able to “Get A Grip”, before you “Just Push Play”, & after that you were able to “Walk This Way”. There’s so much you need to know… Also, how the hell did Woodstock really happen? And what about that new John Lennon Box Set?

Southern Classic Rock: It’s Just like The Comfort with Tres Hombres Can you define Southern Rock? No, you can’t. It’s a job for professionals, like us. Our podcast can actually make you sound smarter. So let’s head off to where the sun always shines…

Bands Better than The Beatles – Just Let it Be Few rock bands are better than The Beatles…but they do exist… Or do they? Maybe/Kind of?….Damn it, that’s what we were born to figure out! Let us do the heavy lifting and listen in.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – More Than Just One Hot Minute Few rock groups of the ’80sbroke down as many musical barriers & were as original as the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Creating an intoxicating new musical style with funk & punk rock, combined with a stage presence that no one forgets & the infamous sock-covering-parts-of-mother nature, they spawned a slew of imitators in their wake, but still managed to be the leaders of the pack by the dawn of the 21st century. Led by Kennedy, we dive into the wild side.

The Eagles: Hell Did Freeze Over.

On September 21 in 1968, “All Along the Watchtower” was released by Jimi Hendrix; in 1974 BTO released “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet, and in 1993 Nirvana’s album “In Utero” was released… Now, on this day in 2020, The Ferris Wheel Classic Rock Show launches Season 5, & We Are Rockin’ in the Free World!

How do you account for the most popular band of the 1970s? Dr. Clarke is the first ever to declare – “Gram Parsons and the Hollies had a baby and they named it The Eagles.” It’s a start. Get smart and get entertained

The Weird Death & Afterlife of Jim Morrison – The Ferris Wheel Rock Show Dr. Clarke, who has written about the Doors for over thirty years, debunks the mystery of Morrison’s death and exposes the role of clever commercialization in revivifying a defunct group. He still remains a huuuge Doors fan.

How the Beatles’ Come Together Became So Influential Come Together: What started as a political campaign song for acid guru Timothy Leary has become one of the Beatles most influential and covered songs. What is it about Come Together? Isn’t it just gibberish? Dr. Clarke leads his mates down a dark, subterranean path of discovery. What they haul back from the caves will surprise you.

Aussie Rock – How To Listen Up While Down Under – Aussie Rock – How to Listen Up When Down Under: Steven Wheeler endured a 21-hour flight to Australia only to realize he could’ve developed the podcast within the sanctuary of his beach-side Malibu fun house. Such is life. Discover how Vegemite sandwiches created a national fervor for rock ‘roll… or not.

Kennedy’s Rant – BNL, Journey, Supertramp, & Van Halen! – When Ferris Kennedy goes on a rant, no amount of medication and/or therapy can calm the wild beast. Join Kennedy as he gets medieval on The Barenaked Ladies, Journey, Supertramp, and Van Halen.  These groups are close and dear to his heart…and his machete. Better buckle up.

What the Hell is Happening with Paul McCartney? – From writing silly love songs to wearing inappropriate haircuts (See ‘mullets’), this energetic ex-Beatle has somehow held the world’s attention for almost sixty years. Dr. Ian Clarke explores the dark chasms of McCartney’s mind, surfacing with evidence of both detritus and patchouli-soaked genius. Change your life and listen in.

Dead Rock Stars & How They Got That Way: Achieving stardom in the entertainment niche known as rock n’ roll can be a life-threatening adventure. Generally, rock musicians are not renowned for longevity. In this podcast, Medicated Wheeler rips off more coffin lids than a Hammer horror, looking for the real story behind the fake news. Not for the squeamish.

Nirvana was better than The Beatles: The Men Behind It! ….Could it be true? It certainly is in Kennedy’s drug-addled mind.  Is he just ranting or is he actually on to something? Well, he did research and lays it all out... even has Dr. Clarke saying ” So, here’s the thing” – the famous catch phrase in many Ferris Wheel Classic Rock Show podcasts.

How Great is Supertramp? Little more than prog rock poseurs or gifted purveyors of 1970s FM radio pop? Listen in as Steven (Medicated) Wheeler pronounces opinions on these elusive, top-shelf rock musicians.

Love Becomes a Funeral Pyre – A Book Review: Dr. Ian Clarke reviews ‘Love Becomes a Funeral Pyre’ by Mick Wall. Dr. Clarke questions the author’s attitude toward Jim Morrison & The Doors while lighting the fire under what makes the group great. Listen in as Dr. Clarke sets it right.

Aberdeen! The Sound of Teen Spirit!! – Listen as a man bares his soul. Take a journey to Aberdeen with Kennedy’s favorite Grunge band of all time.  You have heard his madness and passion for Nirvana, and his love for Dave Grohl as the greatest drummer of all time.  Discover what all the noise is about.

Jackie Shane – The Lowest I Go Is To The Top Of My Head -R & B singer Jackie Shane is impressive for a host of reasons – talent, courage, honesty, and integrity. And she’s one of those rare performers who acquire a significance beyond their specific aptitudes. She helped make the times, and the times helped make her. In this special episode, Dr. Ian Clarke outlines why this Toronto-based performer had a formidable reach that exceeded her grasp.

What If A Band Member Left? No Difference!!! – You could rename this show‘No Ringo, No Beatles? As if!‘…but we won’t. This is a discussion with no winners and a lot of losers. In terms of personnel, some bands have very weak links – and no, a band is not as strong as its weakest link. Sometimes the weak link should be forced into a dumpster. This episode is not pretty, but it is necessary.

What Is Classic Rock – The Ferris Wheel Classic Rock Show feels guilty. Why? Because for many years, we have dined out on the spoils of classic rock, buying Malibu, beach-front homes, dating Joan Jett and her friends, and avoiding taxes. Now is the reckoning. What the hell is Classic Rock, really?

When bands fight: The 40 bitterest bust-ups in rock history– Rock musicians, more than most people, can be nasty little bastards, especially when they’re hungry and drug-free. From AC/DC to Van Halen, there have been some interesting bust ups and disagreements.  We go down the road of the major upsets internally in Classic Rock.

Band Members Who Got Cut? What the #%$&? – Suddenly a band member vanishes. Into think air. Poof! Like they never existed. (Trivia: Which two words scare the bejesus out of Paul McCartney? ‘Pete Best’). Ever wonder what happened to these rock n’ roll specters? . The Ferris Wheel Rock Show goes for a deep dive and surfaces with some jaw-dropping discoveries.

Prog Rock Special – Do you like ‘The’ Pink Floyd (as they once were called)? Are you a fan of King Crimson, Supertramp, or Rush? (Lord help you). Then take a ride on the Ferris Wheel Rock Show. Our Prog Rock Special is led by Medicated Wheeler, a man who – when only lightly medicated – dreams of remixing Dark Side of the Moon and helping Robert Fripp look less like Mr. Bean.

100 Classic Rock Masterpieces – We know, we know, lists can be lousy, but admit it, they’re kinda fun. Masterpiece or mediocrity? Who knows. We just deliver informed opinions about these albums – and then run for the hills.

Gorgeous VoicesRock singers are not known for having gorgeous voices. Not really. But some can sing like angels, albeit hoarse angels. Who’s on the list? Who should not be on the list?

Massive Sales. A Massive What?Where do they get stats for record sales? Ever wonder how many albums the Beatles sold vs. Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones – combined? You should wonder. It can create a massive WTF! The Ferris Wheel Rock Show goes where no podcast has gone before – and it gets damn ugly.

Pink Floyd – A special piece on the legendary prog rock gods Pink Floyd (aka ‘The Pink Floyd’).  We go behind The Wall and in the studio with a hardcore Floyd fan ‘Carlo’.  Let’s talk about Wish You Were Here, and The Piper at the Gates Of Dawn.  Hey, sometimes, we are just Animals staring at the Division Bell. Now it’s time to take a ride on the Ferris Wheel Rock Show and rock on The Dark Side Of The Moon.

Band Changes – Hey, Bowie told us to look our for those ch-ch-ch-changes… Ever wonder how successful band lineups occur- or don’t? We posit some answers. As an acoustic experiment, sponsored by Dolby Labs, we brought a Porta Potty into the studio and had Dr. Ian Clarke speak to us in during the show while in the ‘blue bin’. The results smell great!

The Producers – You don’t hear as much about these people as you used to. Sign o’ the times? We look the influence of the people ‘in the booth’, the contributions, they made, and their roles.

Guitar Heroes: Part One – An electric guitar is to rock what oxygen is to the human species. Okay, that’s a little overstated, but you get the vibe… We deep-dive and jabber about what makes a guitar god, and are they worth the trouble? (Spoiler Alert: Clapton is not God – but he may be a minor deity).

Guitar Heroes: Part Two – We didn’t plan on a two-part episode, but sometimes you just have to groove with the organic, sonic incantations. It’s extremely important you listen to this – if you plan to walk confidently through the world, unafraid of challenges re. guitar god trivia.

The Bass Project – Without bass guitar, it doesn’t take much to turn rock in coffee-house folk. We discuss great bass players and how their talents sent songs into the stratosphere.

72 Fake Name Changes – Who knew that Neil Young’s birth name was actually Freddie Mercury? Not us – and that’s the impact of great research. Like DMX said in the Hip/Hop Rap world, What’s my name? The Ferris Wheel Rock Show goes down a list of those famous artists we all love and reveal what their actual birth certificates really say. Mom & Dad are proud.  The Ferris Wheel Rock Show…where everyone knows your name.

30 Questions of Rock and Roll – This may be your only chance to enter a conversation about classic rock and appear to be, well, smart… At least smarter than you are. We answer 30 of those irritating little queries which, if unanswered, could leave you feeling foolish and ashamed of your life.

Desert Island Disks – Classic Rock Style – We all know the test. If you were forced to live on a desert island – with no WiFi and a companion who likes KISS a little too much – which records would you bring to soothe your savage soul? Listen in. We can help.

The Drummers Show – There’s an old joke: “What do you call a drummer who doesn’t have a girlfriend?…Homeless.” Indeed, drummers are a strange breed, and great drummers are even stranger still. We discuss some of the best rock drummers of all time – what makes them great and their often hell-bent race to self-destruction.

Woodstock 50th Anniversary – The actual 50th anniversary Woodstock festival was doomed to fail. It’s been fifty years since a once-in-a-lifetime confluence of circumstances came together and birthed the most important single event in rock history. We can learn from the past but can’t repeat it. Listen to what made the original event a 20th-century touchstone..

David Bowie – Ridiculously talented and brave, David Bowie’s influence shall extend far beyond his death. Listen to a great summation of Bowie’s life and work – with special guest, star DJ Cosmo. And yes Virginia, there is life on Mars.

Safe or Not Safe: Part One – Some bands (e.g., Beatles/Stones/Bowie) are safe to like – no questions asked. Others present problems – and you better know your rock ephemera if you don’t wish to lose friends and not influence people.

Safe or Not Safe: Part Two – Who’s to say which bands are safe to like while others aren’t worth the time to say their names? Answer: we are. You may differ with our witty, , erudite analysis, but it’s your loss. So listen, learn, and burn.

Safe or Not Safe: Part Three – We didn’t say this was going to be easy. But by this time you have learned so much about rock that you’re considering a career change – say, a bartender in a hard rock bar. Bad hours but good tips!

Safe of Not Safe: Part Four – This is your last chance to fully comprehend what constitutes a ‘safe band’ and why such considerations could impact world peace.

Women of Rock – Mother’s Day Edition – When we think of rock, we tend to render images of shrieking, maladjusted, skinny men. But there are many women in rock who enjoy the same deficiencies. This show gives you the dope on chicks who know how really crank it while applying a fairly good foundation and eyeliner.

The Plunger List – It’s hard to think of any single genre of artists that offers a wider range of talent than rock and roll musicians. Some are aggressively execrable while others soar with the Immortals. In this episode, we throw the proverbial toilet plunger at those who likely deserve it, while extolling The Greats. We do stuff like that.

Canada Rocks: Part One – For a country known more for its self-reverential, comfy form of ‘northern socialism’, it surprising that Canada has produced so many world-class rockers. Take a listen.

Canada Rocks: Part Two – What do the eastern provinces and Quebec have to do with classic rock? Canada is full of surprises.

Canada Rocks: Part Three – Ontario not only is the economic engine of Canada, it also produces great rock and roll. We can prove it.

Canada Rocks: Part Four – Who’s left? The western provinces and ‘the North’. Some amazing stuff.

One Man Bands – When one man decides to compose, perform all the instruments, sing, and record his own work, it’s usually a horrible idea – equivalent to a an accused defending him/herself in court. In this episode we look at this bizarre situation – and reach some unwholesome, depraved conclusions.

R.E.M. – Steven Wheeler explodes with a wolf-man rage as he artfully critiques this influential band of misfits. Prepare yourself for some serious rock talk.

The Doors – Dr. Clarke knows more about this band than, well, a lot of people. He’s ‘visited’ Jim Morrison twice, and is pals with a guy who worked as Morrison’s ‘caregiver’. Listen to a self-indulgent appraisal of Mr. Mojo Risin’ and his band of merry men.

The Foo Fighters – According to Ferris Kennedy, this is the most anticipated episode in our ‘specialty’ series. And it just might be – because if Kennedy loved the Foo’s any more than he does, he would have Dave Grohl’s love child. Just sayin’.

Cover Bands – Before you get ready to dump on cover bands, at least admit they have their place in the rock n’ roll food chain. Oft maligned and never imitated, these bands offer great get-some-pay-while-you-play training opportunities. Plus, they keep the cover charge low.

The 27 Club – Even though many famous men and women belong to this club, under no circumstances do you want even a honorary membership. Why so many rockers croak at age 27 remains a mystery – but we have a few ideas.

The 100 Greatest Songs of All Time – These kind of lists are always dumb, but like the Oscars, Grammys or Tonys, we just have to live with them. Listen in as the three amigos do some praising – and some shredding.

The Ferris Wheel’s Super Groups – If you had the chance to put a disparate collection of rock musicians together, dead, living, or a funky-zombie hybrid, who would they be? And just as important, would they have to join a union? Smarten up and listen in!

Classic Rock Reprise – What is ‘classic’ rock anyway, and why should you care? No one can answer those questions. Don’t try. You’ll end up in therapy watching Jerry Lewis movies. However, we do have a few ideas on the subject.

Intro to the Good Doctor – The most important episode in the history of the podcast. Dr. Ian Clarke, finally at liberty after a minor parole violation, joins the two lads and drags them from quiet obscurity to semi-quiet obscurity. Hubris in action.

The Rubin Chronicles – Mega self-promoter/music producer Rick Rubin must be jabbered about. Why? Influential, successful, with a long white beard, this is someone who has made a significant contribution, not only to music, but to his own net worth. Listen in.

Rap Official – Kennedy and Wheeler look at Rap/Hip Hop. Why they do this is anyone’s guess – but a likely explanation is ‘contractual obligation’.

Supergroups – Do they form for Kardashian-type commercial reasons? To soothe preening egos? To share drugs? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, you must listen to this episode.

The Cigar Lounge – This is the famous ‘bleeding hearts’ episode (as reported in The New York Times) in which Ferris and Steven discuss their feelings of failure, terrible life decisions, and increasing ‘problems’ with spicy foods. Oh, and classic rock.

The Grunge Show – For many people, ‘grunge’ is something you step in if people don’t pick up after their dogs. For others, it truly is music from the gods and a way of life. This show takes a look at grunge from different angles – and posits the question: Did Kurt Cobain ever get his sweater professionally laundered?

Ferris Wheel Show# 3 – Listen in as we discuss the impact of producers – what they do, how much they make, and their body weights. Folks, you will never info elsewhere!

Ferris Wheel Show # 2 – This is the famous episode of which Howard Stern said, “Podcasts are suddenly important.” The boys dig deep into classic rock – and amid the shrieking and weeping, you can glean some pretty good insights.

Ferris Wheel Launch – Ground zero. Where it all began. Steven and Ferris discuss a few unwholesome aspects of their personalities, along with the therapy which has enabled them to function under the guise of ‘normal’. Also, they describe the reasons why they ever got involved in such a self-defeating project, and how you can help with small donations.

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