It's All About Us
Well, shake it out, baby

Rock ‘n’ roll smells phony and false. It is sung, played and written, for the most part, by cretinous goons. And, by means of its almost imbecilic reiteration, and sly, lewd and in plain fact, dirty lyrics … it manages to be the martial music of every side-burned delinquent on the face of the earth.” – Frank Sinatra

Ferris Kennedy

Born in Quebec City, Canada to American parents, Ferris learned his appreciation of music very early on. His father was a Professor at Florida State University and his mother a clothing designer in Miami. Ferris lived with his parents and brother in Marco Island, Florida and spent most of his summers in Canada.

Ferris has published one book titled STFU, a collection of rants and other aggravating experiences.

Steven Wheeler

Born to a musical Turkish father from Istanbul (Not Constantinople) and a Galloway Girl, Steven Wheeler enjoyed a Viking metal upbringing, with summer vacations in Tropical London and winter escapades Somewhere in Stockholm.

Through a series of dark coincidences, he joined forces with his spiritual guide Ferris Kennedy and his musical Sherpa Dr. Ian Clarke to offer tidbits of sanity to their  amusing and erudite contributions to the Serious Rock Podcast.

Dr. Ian M. Clarke

A sporadically dedicated and rarely-professional podcaster

Born in Leipzig, Germany, to a wealthy and debauched Austrian father and a beautiful though unstable American mother, Ian Clarke enjoyed a privileged upbringing, with summer vacations on a private Greek island and winter escapades at St. Moritiz.

A widely publish author, Dr. Clarke’s most recent book is currently climbing the New York Times best seller list. Entitled, Genius or Just Screwing Around? , the book offers pithy insights from three months on the road with Burt Bacharach.


Shake it, but never break it

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