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The following screeds represent the intellectual heft of the Ferris Wheel Rock Show – and therefore should be handled with velvet gloves and empathy.

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O Canada Duh! Well, Ferris Kennedy is angry—and when he gets angry, the room clears out. His barely contained rage is directed at the Canadian recording industry and its… enablers. But it’s all good. He’s just trying to improve the national gig.


What’s the future – if any – of Classic Rock? 60 Years & Counting. The Rolling Stones have celebrated 60 years of classic rock music. Like Her Majesty, who had serviced and upheld her duties for 70 years, why not have classic rock bands continue the same trend by helping influence a younger generation and pass the torch on this incredible music?


The Doors & the Five Factors that Made Them Famous. Unless a band can conquer the Five Factors, it’ll likely never have lasting success. Using The Doors as a great example of what happens when musicians hit 5 home runs, Dr. Clarke entertains, educates, and gets to jabber about his beloved Lizard King & Friends.


Why Pet Sound is Among the Best Albums Ever Made. Dr. Clarke did a deep dive into the creative maelstrom of Brian Wilson. He returned in one piece with valuable insights and terrifying visions. Listen in.

The Men Behind Nirvana!!! – Ferris Kennedy offers an engaging backgrounder on a seminal band. Discover why and how Nirvana helped change popular music.

Prog Rock HistorySteven Wheeler gives you all the low-down and high-up on prog rock. Prepare yourself for mind expansion, man.

Love Becomes a Funeral Pyre – Dr. Ian Clarke provides a lively review of a different kind of biography of Jim Morrison and the Doors.

The Foo Fighters – the group is at the top Ferris Kennedy’s list. Therefore, he writes with passion, bias, and a stunning accuracy.

The Doors – Dr. Clarke speaks with a man who knew Jim Morrison – not that well, just for an afternoon. Oh, what the hell…Reflections on the Lizard King.

Pink Floyd – It started with ‘The’ Pink Floyd and then, over the years, just became ‘Think Pink’. Steven Wheeler applies his academically-trained, investigative techniques toward discovering the mystery behind this band.

Woodstock 50th Anniversary – Yes, it didn’t come off. Seems like the acid heads became the greed heads. Doesn’t matter. Why? You’ve heard of fantasy football. This is fantasy Woodstock. Each of our dedicated podcasts professionals fantasizes about his own ideal Woodstock lineup. The results are surprising, desperate, and guaranteed to make you concerned.

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