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The Most Influential Classic Rock Artists: Part 2


“Talented, eccentric podcasters with an obvious love for – and knowledge of – rock and roll.” – L-V Sun Journal


Dance like everyone is watching
Our spiritual palace - Lost Wages, Nevada
Wheeler & Kennedy tree hugging in the Underworld




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Dance like it’s the Whiskey A G-Go in 1966
Wheeler, Clarke, Kennedy
After listening (3 times in a row!) to 'Surrealistic Pillow'

Kennedy & Clarke in Montreal just before ‘the trouble
In Praise of Older Vinyl: Ferris with Brent of ‘Crosstown Traffic’
Dr. Clarke in Vegas for a “Medical Convention”
Ferris Kennedy & friend
Born to Have Fun
Lost Wages, Nevada. The night we won $17,500. Call us the Tumblin’ Dice

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