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Our latest podcast: Aussie Rock – How To Listen Up While Down Under

“Talented, eccentric podcasters with an obvious love for – and knowledge of -classic rock and roll.” – Las Vegas Sun Journal

Vegas baby!!

At the Gates of Graceland… We paid homage to The King, along with a exorbitant entrance fee. But that’s okay. It was like a tithe. Long live The King.

If you have a passion – for anything – it shows. Kennedy, Clarke, and Wheeler, walk and talk classic rock. That’s what ignites our ‘debates’ and keeps listeners engaged.
And we love your feedback – to keep us in line; to shower us with episode ideas and cash, to spread the word that the Ferris Wheel Rock Show is time well spent.
A homage to the Jefferson Airplane


We walk & talk classic rock

The Ferris Wheel Rock Show is time well spent. We get you inside the songs and artists.
We don’t believe in ‘trivia’. It’s all important – from the fact Rolling Stone Brian Jones recorded with the Beatles and Angelina Jolie’s uncle wrote Wild Thing (he really did).
Knowledge is power. Rule at school you fool!!

Photo taken at Ferris Wheel 2019 Annual Block Party

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